After Robert Kagan’s opinion was published in the Washington Post and the results of the Cyber Ninja audit in Arizona were formally announced, Rachel Maddow invited Steve Schmidt to offer his views during her September 24, 2021 show on whether he believes the country is in or on the verge of a crisis. Leading up to the interview, Ms. Maddow noted that Mr. Kagan is a conservative with whom she disagrees on almost everything. Then she read extensively from his opinion. …


“One wonders whether modern American politicians, in either party, have it in them to make such bold moves, whether they have the insight to see where events are going and the courage to do whatever is necessary to save the democratic system. If that means political suicide for this handful of Republicans, wouldn’t it be better to go out fighting for democracy than to slink off quietly into the night?”

Robert Kagan, Washington Post, September 23, 2021.

Upon reading in Thursday’s Washington Post by contributing columnist Robert Kagan, I was flooded…


As inevitable waves of criticism pounded from every quarter, for both the withdrawal and how it was carried out, President Biden ended one of America’s . The President’s levies seem to be holding. The US carried out an historic airlift of over 122,000 Americans, vulnerable Afghans, and Special Immigrant Visa applicants. My son-in-law, who served a tour in Afghanistan as a US Army medic, refers to those invaluable Afghan interpreters as “terps.”

While the United States may have withdrawn, I have some assurance that the Afghanistan continues to haunt its soldiers and their families…


“‘Texas will always defend the right to life,’ Governor Abbott tweeted, on the day that S.B. 8 went into effect — approximately two weeks after he had contracted COVID, received treatment in the form of an antibody cocktail tested on cells derived from aborted fetal tissue, and recommended that all Texans with COVID do the same.”


Medical evidence shows that each year north of 32,000 pregnancies in the US result from rape, and rape victims, studies suggest, are more likely to become pregnant than women who have consensual sex. …

29 AUGUST 2021

Neither the post-election buffoonery of Trump’s lawyers nor the state attorneys generals’ contempt for their oaths in filing and joining the frivolous Texas lawsuit could have done much to improve the public’s already low opinion and general distrust of lawyers. Some might think that if you represent the president, Others might conjecture that a largely self-regulated profession simply protects its own.

Are lawyers governed by rules — rules with actual consequences for their violation — that prohibit filing frivolous lawsuits and lying to judges; rules that permit only evidence-based claims and only…

22 AUGUST 2021


Conservative media platforms are recommending use of as an alternative to vaccines, masks, social distancing, and hand washing.

My expertise in infectious diseases, human pharmacology, and veterinary medicine goes back . . . minutes, placing me on equal footing with those faux experts spewing dangerous nonsense from conservative media platforms, yes, the ones who politicize including the safety and lives of children and everyone else.

15 AUGUST 2021


The Constitution recognizes fundamental rights known as interests. Liberty interests include the right to bear and rear children, direct their upbringing and education, and to be an active and integral part of their lives.

08 AUGUST 2021

The earth is burning up with fever, generating defenses to vanquish its anthro-parasitic pathogens.

01 AUGUST 2021

Representative Eric Swalwell sued Trump, Brooks, Jr., and Giuliani. The lawsuit makes two statutory () claims and seven tort (personal injury) claims for the January 6 conduct at the Ellipse and subsequent events at the Capitol. A law authorizes federal employees who were acting within the scope of their office or employment at the time of the conduct to have the United States step in their shoes as defendants and to defend the lawsuit, absolving them of liability. Body Armor Brooks sought certification from the DOJ that he was acting within the scope…

25 JULY 2021

Federal law, formerly part of the , creates the right to sue people who conspire to use force, intimidation, or threats to prevent federal officials from carrying out their duties. Representative Eric Swalwell, Capitol Police Officers James Blasingame and Sidney Hemby, and Representative Bennie Thompson sued Trump and others, including Congressman Mo Brooks, for their January 6 conduct at the “Save America Rally.” Brooks’s involvement included his incendiary comments in support of Trump’s demonstrably false claim that he won the election, to “stop the steal.” They included:

“start taking down names and kicking ass”

R.VanWagoner https://medium.com/@richardvanwagoner

Attorney engaged in criminal defense and First Amendment law. Board Member, local ACLU affiliate. Progressive.

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