1. He presented as a Planned Parenthood chart this diagram that was created by an anti-abortion group. That copyright belongs to Americans United for Life, posted on its website June 2015.
  2. The crossed arrows on this dual-axis chart create a false correlation, plotting Planned Parenthood’s life-saving procedures in millions but abortions in the hundreds of thousands. Using different numeric scales, the chart’s proportions are completely disparate and establish no correlation whatsoever. The number of abortions remained relatively unchanged over that period of time.


  1. Unabashed hubris in relation to and contempt for another or others in the form of classism, elitism, snobbery, or snootiness in which the actor is incapable of introspection, self-awareness or empathy and questions the motives of anyone who disagrees with him. “During his town hall meeting, the congressman exposed his chaffetz by telling the young girl her question about the cost of health care was stupid and not worth answering and that she should get on the bus and go back to whichever state she came from.”
  2. Female auto-immune response to rape that renders pregnancy biologically impossible. “Because she is pregnant, he could not have raped her. Her chaffetz would have automatically prevented conception — had it been a legitimate rape.” See also “complete medical defense to criminal sex charges.”
  3. Cognitive disruption in one’s ability to understand, recognize, investigate and quantify objective evil. “The Chaffetz Syndrome allows him to ignore compelling and obvious evidence of the President’s criminal misconduct.” See also cavalier breach of one’s oath of office for political gain or self-aggrandizement.
  1. Engaging in chaffetz; chaffetzing; to chaffetz. “When the coalition of homeless people tried to meet with him to discuss social reform and health insurance, the congressman chaffetzed them, later announcing on Fox News they were not welcome in his presence until they had jobs and clothing that wasn’t so shabby.”
  2. Manipulating the geographic political boundaries of a United States congressional district to an extreme numeric advantage. “Utah’s Third Congressional District is so chaffetzed, the Republican candidate will be elected, regardless of qualification, so long as he has a pulse.”



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