The Sub-Text of Trump’s Immigration Policy: Indiscriminate Collateral Damage

But First, Bad Week Recap

In the midst of its disassembly, the Administrative State hasn’t had the best of weeks. Weeks can’t all be great. The reprieve was welcome, in any event, after all that winning. Plus we now need to catch our collective breath after the FBI’s Comey testified about the Bureau’s targets of investigations and the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence’s Nunes violated his Oath of Office by serving two masters.

What’s Next?

Massive tax overhaul.

Wall-to-Wall Carpet-Bombing

Trump’s prowess is, however, on full display. His war on undocumented immigrants continues. He’s taking on an enemy closer to his size, that real threat to the security and economy of the United States: vulnerable undocumented immigrants, the effects of which default substantially to undocumented women and children. Borrowing a chapter from Ted Cruz, whose ignorance of the United States military doctrine itself was on full display during his failed presidential campaign, Trump’s declaration of war on undocumented immigrants is the equivalent of indiscriminate carpet-bombing, where the collateral damage, whatever its scope, is of no consequence, at least to Trump. He is not required to negotiate with anyone. So picking on someone smaller, much less powerful than himself gives him an angle, finally, to get a “1” in his win column. Hey, a win’s a win!



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